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April 27, 2009


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Greytip Online

Yes. SaaS can be the next IT "Big Thing". The amazing success of Greytip Online (www.greytip.in), On Demand CRM and Project Collaboration tools supports this inference

Joyce Thompson

Until recently, I worked for a SaaS CMS company. While IT resistance was a given at the start of a sales cycle, and no sale could be consummated without IT buy in, it was not uncommon for IT managers to be rewarded for the move to SaaS, and ultimately to redefine their areas of influence accordingly--moving closer to the core concerns of the business and farther from a "plumber" mentality.

As a marketer, I believe the best way to overcome IT resistance to a new
paradigm is diligent and intelligent education about the opportunity SaaS provides--IT pro to IT pro--plus some pointed FUD about the role of IT as utility computing becomes the new gold standard.

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